Building rich ecosystems for tech businesses

Our Mission

To implement local solutions to global challenges
by developing intelligent technologies through collaborative networks
What we do

We provide Micro and SMEs in the tech sector with the essentials they need to level up!

“We work with clients on finding ways to use disruption as a source of competitive advantage, while exploring new models for diversification into alternative or complementary business areas.”

Stephanie E. Trpkov, Executive Director


Our business is bidirectional

Tech companies

We help tech companies design
and implement strategic plans
that address industry challenges

Public institutions

We support public institutions
with projects aimed at enabling
digital transformation and building
innovative tech-driven ecosystems.

Tech consulting is all we do

Industries we support

Digital Tech

Digital Tech

Digital touchpoints are critical to the success of businesses of all sizes, across most industries. We support digital transformation processes and innovation in digital technologies such as:
- Data/AI
- IoT
- Cybersecurity
- Other convergent solutions such as gamification, etc.

Med Tech

Med Tech

Medical technologies diagnose, treat and improve human health outcomes. This industry merges medical devices, ICT, life sciences and healthcare services to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We support innovation in the sector for improved health and well-being by developing projects in:
- Telemedicine and medical apps
- Biotech
- Wellness technologies
- Devices

Green Tech

Green Tech

Green technologies slow down global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our business supports the development of clean energy technologies and environmentally friendly production processes.
We are active in projects that deal with:
- Smart cities/districts
- Renewable energy
- Energy efficiency
- Pollution reduction and circular economy

Fin Tech

Fin Tech

Financial technology sector focuses on enhancing business operations and delivery of financial services. We support the improvement and streamlining of financial services delivery by working in projects that deal with:
- Digital finance tools
- Automation
- New products
Also, by establishing start-up fundraising platforms e.g. crowdfunding

How do we help you?

We place 5 tried and tested services at the disposal of our clients and partners for full customisation to their unique situation and objectives.


Let’s work together to make your vision of growing a sustainable tech business a reality


Our workflow

We provide clarity in a sea of uncertainty.
How do we do that?


We listen and analyse

During initial meetings to discuss a client’s challenge, we gather facts, brainstorm and structure potential options in line with business realities.


We pool resources

Our collaborative network of experts is our greatest asset. We form task teams with complementary skillsets to solve complex problems and achieve stellar results for our clients.


We sandbox and deploy

After testing and refining the optimal solution, a rigorous implementation of the problem-solving model is carried out. At the end of the process, the client will be at a new stage of development.

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