“Tech companies must look at their solutions through many different lenses to succeed in this new world. Institutions must have the capacity to create an enabling environment that support innovative entrepreneurs. We help these clients to take an integrated perspective when shaping and implementing their strategic plans.”  

Stephanie E. Trpkov, Executive Director

About us

Intech Ventures is a technology consulting company based in Zagreb, Croatia. We provide management and technology consulting services to micro and SMEs. Our services help such companies steer their growth strategies and digital transformation journeys at a pace that is right for the business. With sustainability in mind, we are the right consultants to help growth-oriented tech companies to pressure-test growth and cost-saving strategies, help with execution, and ensure that their investments have the right ROI —in terms of meeting both financial and green targets.

We ensure that tech firms look at their solutions through perspectives beyond technology, to ensure that they are, and remain competitive. Through its participative innovation platform, Intech Ventures supports founders, managers and investors of digital and non-digital tech companies to build capacities, finance their growth and speed up the path to success. Our unique combination of local talent, global reach and industry expertise enables us to solve the most complex and demanding issues of our clients.

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